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Forensic Data Solutions® is a company that provides its customers with professional computer services that range from simple recovery of deleted or lost files to the full forensic computer examination. The company is founded on the principles of honesty and integrity and we take great pride in our work.

We have the data solution

Forensic Data Solutions® provides the following services for attorneys, private investigators, corporate and small businesses as well as private individuals:

  • Full investigative forensic examinations 
  • Simple data recovery
  • Computer repair
  • Small business secure networking solutions
  • And much more

Data Recovery vs. Computer Forensic Exam

Data recovery is the simple recovery of deleted or lost files through the use of specialized recovery tools. When a file is deleted the data is still on the media but the pointers to the data have been removed. The specialized tools allow the examiner to find the deleted files provided the data was not overwritten by new files. 

A full forensic exam is what separates the men from the boys so to speak. This process is a complete data analysis of all the information on a media device to determine aspects of the investigation. This information includes but is not limited to:

  • Operating system information ie. user accounts etc.
  • Windows Artifacts such as link files, restore points, log files, date and time stamps, etc
  • Registry exams.
  • Comprehensive Internet History, including deleted history files.
  • Email and chat logs.
  • Image recovery and analysis included EXIF data.
  • Mal-ware and Spyware detection and analysis. 

Forensic examinations are generally investigation driven and the information provided is largely based on the facts surrounding the case. This information is obtained through forensic methodologies and processes that prevent any changes to the original media. The completed forensic examinations conducted by Forensic Data Solutions® is supported by expert witness testimony.